Getting Started

How long does it take to set up our new menu?

Once we have your current menu in the correct format you will typically have everything ready for approval in 3 to 5 business days. Once approved, your menus will be ready for customers within 1 business day typically.

Do we need to send our logo and our food image?

We only need a link to your current menu, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your logo and food images will be yours and be the highest quality. f you have special images you’d like included however, you are welcome to specify those.

How many food images can be post?

For now one. If you want to change this menu you can use part of your 4 hours a year to have the image updated.

Do you offer training on how to update our menu?

Yes, we have an online tutorial detailing how to update your menu. Our premium customers can request a one on one training virtual training.

Who can make menu updates?

Your menu dashboard is secure. Our staff has ac We recommend 1 or 2 people are given access. Our staff has access too.

What are the Table Tops and how do they work?

When your menu is finalized a branded tabletop is created to display the QR code to your customers. We use your logo, two of your food images and create a layout featuring your custom QR code, tailored to your business’s already established branding. The PDF will be emailed that you can print out and present in a double-sided, 5″ x 7″ standard tabletop displays throughout your restaurant. This document can be printed on any 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper you prefer, from a color printer and includes trim marks and fold lined to ensure your tabletop displays will look clean and uniform. A link to a sample is provided below.

TableTop Sample PDF

Updating Your Menu Yourself

Can we update menus as often as we need at no extra cost?

Yes! Once your full current menu is set up and approved, you can use your secure menu dashboard to change menu items, descriptions, prices, and other details as often as you need at no extra change.

What if we add a new menu session or two?

You have 4 hours a year you can use for these updates or to reset your menu if you have technology issues.

Can we hide menu items and them show them later?

Yes! Your menus dashboard has a show/hide drop-down button for all items..

Can we add new items?

Yes, you can add up to 2 new items to all the sections you have set up. If you need more we can add more blank items to your sections.

Business Tools

Can we post our social media links?

Yes, we recommend you. Include your website as well as links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How does the Google Analytics reporting work?

Menus4ALL provides our customers with QR code scan data provided by Google Analytics. Premium customers will receive this report weekly via email. Providing insight into your customers.
Menus4ALL Google Analytics Sample Report

American Disability Act – ADA Protection

How can Menus4ALL help us avoid ADA legal actions.

Your new Menus4ALL menu meets all WCAG2.1 AA and California laws. If you’re interested in increasing the accessibility of your menu you can add a link on your site to this menu to help.

We can also provide a quarterly WCAG review of your restaurant’s site to track issues you might want to consider addressing, annual improvements may help lower legal risk. We also offer server training tips for customers with vision limitations.

What are city pages?

Menus4ALL maintains pages for various cities organized by cuisine developed initially for our customers with limited sight. Premium customers’ menus are listed on these pages.

City Page Sample – Memphis, Tennessee

How does someone read a menu with limited or no sight?

People with blindness and low vision use technology built into their phones to hear text and images.  Watch this video to see how.

Discounts & Billing

How do we find out about your coupons?

We offer periodic discounts. If you sign up for our newsletter we offer you 10% discount. Sign up by using this link.

What if we need to cancel?

Month to month contract remaining 11-month subscription contract will be canceled.  Annual subscription contracts will be refunded 11 months after full payment. Request refund by emailing info@menus4all.com within 30 days of online order.

After 30 days menu(s) subscription contract orders can be canceled with an early termination fee of $365 USD per location.  Monthly subscription contracts will be billed $386 minus all payments made date.  Annual subscription contacts will be refunded the full amount paid minus $365 USD for the remaining months.  Request cancellation by emailing info@menus4all.com 30 days after online order.


What if our customers cannot access our menu online on their phones and our WiFi is down too?

Simply print your Menus4ALL menu. All customers have a print button visible at the very bottom of your menu.  

What if we need tech help adding a link back our we have issue with our menu?

You have 4 hours a year you can if you have a tech issues.

What’s geolocation?

Menus4ALL uses a technology that allows customers to search for restaurants with the current location.