Menus4ALL’s foundation is accessibility

Equality is at the heart our products.  We believe everyone should enjoy in the delight of a meal out, and that every meal starts with tempting items on a menu.  Since 2016 we have been developing menus that folks who cannot see, can read.  As IT nerds with a passion for digital accessibility, we leverage tech innovations to improve lives by giving the 30,000,000 people in the US with sight limitations more independence.

700,000 with Blindness, 21 Million with Low Vision and 8 point 3 million with blindness.

When Covid-19 hit we expanded our mission.  To offer the same contract-less, digitial menus to everyone via the Menus4ALL QR code system.  We make legal ADA menu requirements  “no brainers”.

A Menus4ALL customer using Apple’s free screen reader on her iPhone, which allows her to hear full menus and prices via Menus4all. With no sight, she can order independently and enjoy her meal.

Need restaurant website accessibility ADA/WCAG compliance help?

Providing an ADA/WCAG compliant Menus4ALL menu is a great start. If you want to take the next step to make your restaurant website ADA/WCAG compliant our team can help.

We can do an initial audit and then develop a plan.  Or if you need our expertise quickly text 501-590-6723 to set up an appointment after filling out the form below.

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