90-Day Trial Starter Menu 1 Location

90-Day Trial Starter Menu 1 Location

$65.00 / month for 12 months with a 90-day free trial

SALE PRICE – Get 3 months free.

Pay $65 a month after 90 days or 3 full months. Save $195.

Test your Current
QR Code Menu

If you have a QR code menu now. For 90 days replace half your menus with your QR Code Menus4ALL Menu. Use our free on-the-go menu updates tool to see how much faster you can edit your menu yourself. And then see if our menu format improves sales.

Billed monthly starting 90 days or 3 full months for 9 months in total. A $195 savings. If cancelation is required email info@menus4all.com by midnight Dec 31, 2020.

  • On-the-Go Menu Updating plus Tutorial

  • Dynamic QR Code image file

  • Calorie menu content (optional)

  • GEO Location Search

  • IRS eligible deduction

100 in stock

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